one piece is for losers who even likes one piece

I made this post back when my URL was mugiwaras im laughing so hard cuz i just noticed people taking it seriously and some guy reblogged it unironically and another is a reblog with sherlock and kpop death threats lmaoo

I’m off to Vault 112 to search for anything of Braun’s that might help me get this purifier up and running. All I know is that it’s West of some place called “Evergreen Mills,” and it’s well hidden in some sort of garage. But I’ll find it, I have to. It’s so close, but that’s the story of Project Purity, isn’t it? An eternity of “almost there’s”. Let’s see if Braun has the missing puzzle piece.


"It’s like magic, scientifically speaking!"

30 Day Video Game Challenge → Day 5
Character you are most like/wish you were → Ema Skye

 video games challenge  
[7/7] video games

→ catherine (2011)
have you ever had a dream where you died?
- you mean like, when you’re in danger?
no, no. where you actually die. you’re being killed, or something.
- no… i usually do the killing in my dreams.

It’s been a long time coming… Almost there.

fuck calculus 3 i just wanna chill (/_\);

Persona 4: Dancing All Night - Coming in 2015 (x)